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2022 voslot promotion for new members

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How to get ₱20 free bonus?

voslot ₱20 free bonus details:


Starting from: 04/08/2022 12:00pm

Until: 04/21/2022 11:59pm

*The duration of this promotion is based on the official announcement. *

Bonus Rules & Regulation:

  1. Voslot Bonus is available to all registered members.
  2. The bonus is subject to a one-time valid wagering requirement to be withdrawn.
  3. Remember to apply your bonus after password reset and member login in our latest improved version of Voslot website.
  4. Each individual can only apply ONCE.
  5. To ensure the rights and interests of members and fair gaming, the promotion is only attributable once per user, phone number, bank card or account, IP address, residential address, and equipment. We reserve the right to withdraw the bonus if we believe that you have misused the site by opening multiple accounts to benefit from several identical offers.
  6. All house rules and bonus rules apply. Members who click to reset password are considered to accept all terms and conditions.
  7. VOSLOT reserves the right to alter, annul or explain any and all of the terms of any offer at any time without notice.